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International Business (BUSI 604)

  • Discussion Board Forums (4)
    The forums led me to explore the following topics:
    • Turkey; Italy; Thailand
    • Cultural Values; Sex-Role Conflicts; Job Interviews; European Union; Six Sigma; Performance Management; Pay Preferences; Leader-Member Exchange
    • Communication; Language; Corporate Social Responsibility; Business Ethics; Social Structures
    • Islam; Japan
  • Quizzes (4)
Satterlee, B. C. (2009). Cross border commerce. Roanoke, VA: Synergistics.

Influential Readings
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategy and Culture: Bati Anadolu Group Case
  • Turkey
  • Cultural Values from Managers' and Academicians' Perspectives: The Case of Turkey
  • A Six Sigma Case Study in a Large-Scale Automotive Supplier Company in Turkey
  • Why Is It (Un-)ethical? Comparing Potential European Partners: A Western Christian and An Eastern Islamic Country - On Arguments Used in Explaining Ethical Judgments
  • World Englishes in the Turkish Sociolinguistic Context
  • A Theory of Cultural Value Orientations: Explication and Applications
  • The Impact of Intrinsic Religiosity on Consumers' Ethical Beliefs: Does It Depend on the Type of Religion? A Comparison of Christian and Moslem Consumers in Germany and Turkey
  • Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Paternalism, and Delegation in the Turkish Business Culture: An Empirical Investigation
  • The Relationship of Managerial Values and Assumptions with Performance Management in Turkey: Understanding within Culture Variability
  • The Effect of Cultural Values on Pay Preferences: A Comparative Study in Turkey and the United States
  • Turkey's Bid for European Union Membership: Between "Thick" and "Thin" Conceptions of Europe
  • English in Turkey
  • Personal Values and Intended Self-Presentation during Job Interviews: A Cross-Cultural Comparison
  • An Exploratory Cross-Cultural Analysis of Marketing Ethics: The Case of Turkish, Thai, and American Businesspeople
  • A Comparative Study of Market Institutions and Economic Attitudes in Iran, Turkey, Russia and the United States
  • Sex-Role Conflict at Work: Its Impact on Consumption Practices of Working Women in Turkey
  • A Development Perspective for  "Corporate Social Responsibility": Case of Turkey
  • The Status of the Turkish Women in the Labor Law: Examined Together with Turkey's Regional Culture Pool and Historical Dynamics

For full publication details, see items with the busi604 tag in my CiteULike bibliography.