Planning a New Library Building: The Critical Role of Data

Smith, G. A. (2013, October). Planning a new library building: The critical role of data [Conference session]. Society for College and University Planning North Central Regional Conference, St. Louis, MO.

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Liberty University’s new main library is scheduled to open in 2013-14, following years of assessment, planning, and construction. Design of the building’s spaces and services relied on analysis of a wide range of data covering user attributes, industry trends, and collection attributes, and use of facilities, equipment, and resources. In this session, a member of the library’s building planning committee will help participants reflect on the critical connections between stakeholders, data, and design.

The presentation focuses on the variety of data sources that the library's planning team relied on when planning to construct and occupy its new building. Multiple sources of quantitative and qualitative data were considered, and these were elicited both through communication with, and observation of, library stakeholders. Slides pertain to ...

  • collection storage options (open shelving, compact shelving, and automated storage and retrieval system)

  • building parameters (square footage, seating and collection storage capacity, features, and cost)

  • benchmarks established by other construction projects

  • library user attributes, behaviors, and opinions

  • book circulation patterns

  • ASRS bin specifications

  • a consultant's contribution to the planning process

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