Robots in the Library: Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Walters, L., Fesmire, T., & Smith, G. A. (2014, April). Robots in the library: Automated storage & retrieval systems [Conference session]. Computers in Libraries Conference, Washington, DC.

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While ASRS (automated storage and retrieval system) installations in libraries are not new, Liberty University’s was distinctive on several fronts: The ASRS vendor had no previous experience in libraries; the library aggressively chose to store some 70% of its main library collection in the ASRS; bins with books were preloaded as construction progressed, allowing for rapid ingestion into the ASRS and subsequent launch of regular retrieval; and the ASRS is a technological showpiece of the new library building. The speakers look at the planning, collection analysis, software development, loading and ingestion, and ILS management.

Below are some sample slides from the presentation:

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