Communicating across Divisional Boundaries

December 30, 2013

I’ve been off of work for the last week, and I’ve found it very needful to rest my body and mind during that time. I can’t say that I’ve read anything business-related during the break--until today, that is. I used some free time this afternoon to do get back in the reading mode. Christine Helwick’s “Communication Is Key for CFOs,” published by Inside Higher Ed on December 20, struck a chord with me. The article encourages CFOs to practice proactive communication across divisional silos. While the article addresses financial leaders, its central thesis is equally applicable to any unit that manages resources on behalf of an entire organization: IT, the library, physical plant, etc.

Reading Helwick’s piece triggered my memory about a related source (Trubitt & Overholtzer, 2009), and when I went to look up the details on that, I was reminded of additional useful sources that I had read in recent years (Frazee, 2012; Stewart-Gambino & Plympton, 2006). Below are the citations and links to all of these sources.

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