Six Dimensions of Assessment

June, 2014

An effective program of service assessment incorporates many different kinds of measurement and evaluation. In 2014, I developed the document linked here, entitled "Six Dimensions of Library Assessment," to help my library develop an assessment plan that would achieve balance on six distinct scales:

  • Quantitative vs. Qualitative

  • Inputs/Outputs vs. Outcomes

  • National/Comparative vs. Local/Unique

  • Continuity/Longitude vs. Discontinuity/Exploration

  • Solicitation/User Perception vs. Observation/User Behavior

  • Resources/Services vs. Learning/Users

I introduced the "Six Dimensions" concept in an encyclopedia article published in 2015. The following year, I showed in a conference presentation how it could be applied to the appraisal of a library assessment program.

Although I developed "Six Dimensions" in the context of library service, it is readily applicable to other service environments, and thus it is presented here simply as "Six Dimensions of Assessment."

Six Dimensions of Library Assessment

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