I’ve undertaken many projects during my professional career. While most have been short-term, some have required sustained attention over several years. Below are links to some of the more significant projects that I’ve managed or executed. 

Assessment Plan sample


Creation of a Library Assessment Plan (2013-2014)

Thumbnail - Gantt chart

LibQUAL+® Survey Administration (2012-2018)

Thumbnail - Browsing Collection Models

Segmentation of a Library Collection: Automated Storage vs. Browsable Shelving (2011-2013)

Thumbnail - Priorities for a New Library Facility

Planning for the Construction of the Jerry Falwell Library (2010-2012)

Thumbnail - ACL Report

Consulting for the Association of Christian Librarians (2006-2008)

Thumbnail - Interlibrary loan chart

Analysis of Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Data (2006-2007)

Thumbnail - Christianity and libraries

Christianity and Libraries: A Selective Bibliography (2000-2010)

Thumbnail - Tribune Index

Development of the Tribune Index (1997-2002)