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Strong Organizational Culture: Asset or Liability? (2015)

Business Models (2015)

Servant Leadership: Humility, Service, and Christian Discipleship (2015)

Location Decisions in Service Industries (2015)

Project Scheduling (2015)

Strategic Outsourcing: Realizing the Benefits and Mitigating the Risks (2015)

Absolute vs. Relative Employee Evaluation Systems (2015)

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Marketing Research Techniques (2014)

Stakeholder Expectations in the Corporate and Social Sectors (2014)

Job Costing vs. Process Costing (2013)

The Time Value of Money: Corporate Finance in Biblical Perspective (2012)

Leadership Principles in 2 Corinthians (2011)


Six Dimensions of Assessment (2023)

Workplace Collaboration: A Guide to Choosing Appropriate Channels (2019)

Interview Questions: Discovery (2018)

Using Excel to Pre-Code Survey Comments (2018)

Using Excel to Manipulate Date and Time Stamps (2018)

Modified Delphi Method for Small Group Work (2016)

SWOT Analysis Worksheets (2016)

Modified Delphi Method for Small Group Work (2016)

Audit of Leadership & Management Behaviors (2013)


Three (or Four) Varieties of Action Plans (2019)

The Pitfalls of Power (2011)


Co-creating the Future: Working with Groups to Assess, Plan, and Innovate (2020)

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On Leadership Development (2011)

SmithFile (2009-present)