Strategy, Planning, & Assessment


Strategic Changes in Nonprofit Service Delivery Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Methods Study (2022)

Revisiting Strategy in a Time of Crisis (2021)

Better World Books: A Case Study in Sustainability (2020)

Planning and the Future of the Academic Library: An Annotated Bibliography (2016)

Business Models (2015)

Strategic Positioning in Higher Education (2015)

Strategic Outsourcing: Realizing the Benefits and Mitigating the Risks (2015)

Six Sigma in the Social Sector (2015)

The Business of Higher Education Consulting (2015)

Developing an Academic Library Assessment Plan: A Case Study (2015)

Assessment in Academic Libraries (2015)

Competition in the Higher Education Industry (2014)

Stakeholder Expectations in the Corporate and Social Sectors (2014)

Total Quality Management: A Strategic Opportunity for a Local Church (2013)

Applying the Balanced Scorecard and Critical Success Factors to the Context of a Local Church (2013)


Six Dimensions of Assessment (2023)

SWOT Analysis: The Christian Liberal Arts College Library (2019)

Stakeholder Analysis: Power versus Interest Grid (2018)

Academic Budget Planning Factors Worksheet (2016)

SWOT Analysis Worksheets (2016)

Business Model Canvas: Academic Library Edition (2015)


Three (or Four) Varieties of Action Plans (2019)


Strategic Planning as Action Research: Envisioning the Future of a University Library (2021)

Co-creating the Future: Working with Groups to Assess, Plan, and Innovate (2020)

Managing with Purpose: Integrating Assessment, Planning, and Budgeting (2016)

Planning a New Library Building: The Critical Role of Data (2013)


Leading a Library Strategic Planning Process (2020)

Creation of a Library Assessment Plan (2013-2014)

LibQUAL+® Survey Administration (2012-2018)

Segmentation of a Library Collection: Automated Storage vs. Browsable Shelving (2011-2013)

Planning for the Construction of the Jerry Falwell Library (2010-2012)

Analysis of Interlibrary Loan Borrowing Data (2006-2007)


Opening a New Library, Assessing Its Spaces (2014)

Reading Report: Applying TQM to a Ministry Context (2013)